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Dune harmonizes the juxtaposition of urban sprawl and seaside serenity, seamlessly blending architectural structures with natural coastal landscapes, where communal spaces coexist with intimate retreats


Diagrammatically, the design seeks humble approaches to amplifying the experience of place. Much like the process of moving through the layers of landscape that precede the arrival at the openness of the beach, the architecture pursues ideas of compression, release, and drama. Importantly, the key to this is to allow the building to be subservient to the potency of the coastal environment. Less is more.

Bridging the gap between city & beach

Beyond the threshold of privatization, the building becomes about reaching to the ocean. The carefully arranged ground floor plan pushes forward to the beach in a subtle manner, prioritizing open landscape over internalised space.

project details
DuneAndrews ProjectsMain Beach, Gold Coast QLD