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A space for children to play and for hospital staff, patients, and visitors to relax and reflect


The bridge and Northern Greenspace has been designed to create a pedestrian link between the Perth Children’s Hospital and Kings Park facilitating access to Western Australia’s premier parkland.

Connecting the hospital to the natural bushland of Kings Park

The bridge extends over the tree canopy into Kings Park, providing a treetop walk and viewing platform across the park towards the city. The visual aspect changes as users move across or underneath the twisting forms, providing glimpses of colour from below. From the Perth Children’s Hospital, patients, visitors, families, and staff are treated to a highly colourful, ribbon-like raking deck, which provides opportunities for rehabilitation for patients due to the inclines within the structure. The bridge connects into a grassed amphitheatre within the hospital’s northern green space that will provide additional recreational areas for all users of the QEII site.


There are many narratives for this special landmark site, connecting the hospital to the natural bushland of Kings Park. The pier structures grow from the ground to mimic the trees that line Kings Park from below, creating a destination in itself and not just a method of travel between two other special destinations.

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Koolangka Bridge