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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Mel


Inspired by the ways people listen, observe, and curate, Mel harnesses a generous eye for life to prioritise human experience when shaping space.

Mel’s mission as an Interior architect is to be part of, and contribute to, the journey that creates special moments and meaning via the built environment. For this reason, she pays particular attention to the users she is designing for, and the context she is designing within, to create thoughtful spaces which add to the people’s lives.

Mel’s appreciation for connecting people through design intertwines with her passion for baking. “I love how food and cooking bring people together. At university, I did my thesis on the kitchen which studied the evolution of the kitchen from the humble 1600s hearth to the modern kitchen: a space allowing creation, gathering, personalisation, performance, and catharsis”.

This awareness of the way design compliments human behaviour and routine weaves itself into Mel’s appreciation for the entire development process. Mel embraces the opportunity to watch project concepts, visions, and details take shape.

By marrying a process-driven approach with an understanding of human experience, Mel’s daily work is thoughtful and considered, and we are proud to have her on the Rothelowman team.

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