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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Laura


Laura truly embraces the opportunity to positively influence people’s lives through architecture. She primarily does this by harnessing her ever-evolving experience and exposure to the way people interact with space and the environment.

As a child, Laura loved to draw floor plans of homes, paying particular attention to the way spaces flowed into each other. This flourished into a passion for the problem-solving side of architecture, where Laura uses creativity and intuition to find solutions.

“When it comes to architecture, my biggest inspiration is travel and being lucky enough to experience different countries’ landscapes and architectural styles, particularly the rich history, urban planning, and beautiful buildings of Paris”.

Laura reflects most fondly on her time working on the project Jolimont, noting how Rothelowman’s “collaborative and inspired team” pushed the boundaries to create something that was functional, efficient and enriched the lives of its inhabitants.

By adopting a generous eye for life, Laura recognises that her role as an architect is to create space that simultaneously enhances liveability and considers the needs of future generations. She understands that our environment is changing and how sustainable design can address this evolution and shift in climate.