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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Paola


Paola believes that inspiration can be found in the simplest of things: objects, thresholds, the meeting of materials and details that captivate the eye and recognises the hidden treasures in everyday life.


“It’s all about perspective and how complexity and appreciation can come through in our varying experiences — take, for example, a collection of thoughtfully designed drinking glasses. They are not just ordinary vessels; they are a sculptural arrangement of possibilities, waiting for us to embark on our chosen adventure.”

Paola’s work ethic mirrors her philosophy, as she strives to approach her projects with the same depth and creativity. She understands the power of collaboration and the beauty of diverse perspectives, appreciating the way a whole team can inspire and build upon each other’s ideas.

“What better profession allows for ongoing learning, growth, inspiration and a dynamic work environment allowing creativity to be explored within a variety of constraints.”

With her ability to find inspiration in the ordinary, and her commitment to fostering collaboration in our team, we are incredibly proud to have Paola as part of the Rothelowman professional collective.

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