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News | International Women’s Day 2024: Count her In: Empowering Women with a Generous Eye for Life


Today is International Women’s Day, and while we embrace a ‘365-day approach’ in acknowledging and celebrating the contributions made to our practice by women, today serves as a timely reminder to check in on our existing processes and reflect on how we empower and coach women to grow in their roles.

International Women’s Day also creates an opportunity for us to consider what we can strive to do next to drive gender equality, equity and inclusiveness in our workplace. We actively want to play our part in ensuring our wider industry and community continues travelling on a positive trajectory.

To be involved in the conversations taking place today, members of our team are heading out into the community to attend industry events where we will listen, absorb, and report back to the broader team what we have learnt. We embrace these opportunities to build on what we already have in place, understanding that there is always room for growth and improvement.

In Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, team members will be attending the Australian Institute of Architects IWD breakfasts and lunches, learning about the various ways accelerating gender equality enhances outcomes for women and broader societies.

In Queensland, we have team members of the Brisbane studio heading to the Property Council Australia Brisbane breakfast, and our Gold Coast studio will be heading to the Women in Planning breakfast.

We are also excited to bring the learning and development inside our own four walls. Today, each studio is hosting their own internal activity for all staff over lunch:

  • Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast studios: a panel discussion hosted by female team members discussing the topic ‘Inspire inclusion, count her in’.

  • Perth studio: an open discussion unpacking the topic ‘Inspire inclusion, count her in’.

  • Melbourne studio: a live seminar on ‘Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress’ speaking to financial literacy.

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