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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Natalie


Harmoniously blending passions for creativity and practicality, Natalie has embraced the opportunity to grow at Rothelowman. Her involvement in the student program last year has been particularly influential, encouraging her to explore a comprehensive approach to design and documentation.

From a young age, she has been exposed to building sites, construction, and interior design, igniting her love for the built environment – and all the processes involved. While spending time overseas with a family friend who practiced architecture, Natalie became even more eager to immerse herself in the field. She has since worked on several Rothelowman projects across Melbourne, including multi-storey hotels and apartments, which have fundamentally impacted Natalie’s awareness of the built environment.

Collaboration became one of Natalie’s favourite parts of the job, as well as the holistic focus on design fluidity and focused on functionality and construction.

She shared, “Over the past year, I have experienced tremendous growth and support that has far exceeded my expectations; this growth has extended beyond professional architecture knowledge to positively impact my life and networking skills as well. I believe the student program is the perfect balance between having support and encouraging independent problem-solving. This has been a huge factor in my overall personal and professional growth.”


North Melbourne, a project Natalie has been immersed in.

We are thrilled that Natalie, now an architect assistant, having graduated from the student program last year, has become a young leader at Rothelowman. She is now working alongside major Melbourne projects that intend to positively impact the city and urban design. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful ways Natalie continues to grow as an architect and master of the craft.