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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Hayley


Hayley’s creative journey into architecture was fueled by her twinship and the transformative influence of the Brooklyn Bridge. As an Associate at Rothelowman, she aims to foster social connections, forge lasting memories, and ultimately cultivate an environment where happiness thrives.

“As a twin, I’ve always strived for a sense of my own identity. I wanted to be creative and have a point of difference. I was drawn to architecture because it encourages creativity, and in some way, I wanted to leave my mark on the built environment.”

“When I was younger, I visited the Brooklyn Bridge. I was in awe of it, and whenever I’m lucky enough to visit New York, it’s always the first thing I see. It’s a marvel of construction, but it resonates with me because it serves as a backdrop for my happy memories. I strive to ensure that the spaces I design will hold significance for their inhabitants, just as the Brooklyn Bridge does for me. I try not to take life too seriously and aim to design in a way that celebrates social interactions, encourages happy memories, and promotes good times!”

With Hayley’s dedication to pushing boundaries and her commitment to designing spaces that touch people’s lives, we are incredibly proud to have Hayley as part of the Rothelowman professional collective.