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Enhancing communities – TreeHouse


As our city populations grow and our communities evolve, people’s perception of ‘home’ is changing. Living in proximity to public transport, workplaces, schools, and hospitality hubs in a space that requires little to no maintenance and offers public, private and personalised amenity is now many people’s first choice.

Understanding a site’s physical and social fabric allows a new building and its residents to contribute to the wider context of a city. TreeHouse by @Aria responds to the needs of current and future occupants by creating a sense of belonging.

Up close to the building, TreeHouse’s ground floor is used as a public pavilion – a place for visitors of Davies Park to gather while enjoying the markets, festivals and sporting games that take place there. Humble innovations such as ‘permeable podiums’ can also be used to allow streets to breathe through the intervention of civic spaces.

As architects, it is critical that our designs attribute significance to the physical and social surrounds of each project. With a strong understanding of place, we can ensure the lines between public and private realms overlap and encourage people to meet and connect.

Architecture and Interiors by Rothelowman
Developed by Aria Property
Photography by Peter Bennetts