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Blog | Welcome to the great flux


Welcome to the Great Flux.

The traditional ideas of work-life balance have radically blurred the line between our ‘at work selves’, and our ‘out of work selves’. No longer limited to the confines of the nine-to-five hours or a Monday-Friday work week, our days have become an amalgam of all facets of our lives; work, life, and play inclusive.

Mixed-use expert and Rothelowman Principal Susanne Pini says, “This shift calls for forms of development which mirror the ‘de-siloing’ and the ‘uncoupling’ of uses. This is where mixed-use developments hold the key.”

“Mixed-use developments can be the physical manifestation of this boundaryless ideology. Places which can ‘flex’ use with indefinite ‘edges’ between them, become places which seamlessly move across the work, life, play, and stay continuum.”