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Simplicity of the gestures within the design seeks to work with the place in a manner that is not contrived or complex


The design of the project seeks to exemplify and manifest a local architecture that expresses the location. The site’s physical attributes create a unique opportunity to create an exemplar.

form following function

In response, the design for the project has sought to amplify five key strategies: A ground plane that is open, visually generous, and heroic in scale, offering a sense of extension of the scale of the adjacent beach. The tower sits atop a ground plane that is expansive in sectional space, allowing the landscape to take precedence over the tower’s form. The experience of the “street building” is one of void and garden.

Form meets function, redefining Gold Coast living


This design solution not only celebrates the unique context and lifestyle of the Gold Coast but also addresses the inherent human desire for connection and community within the built environment.

A series of spaces for gathering and chance encounters
project details
Sea GlassDVB PropertyFirst Avenue, Burleigh Heads QLD