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Shaping Perth's urban student living


609 Wellington is centred on creating a vertical community in the heart of Perth that prioritises the well-being of its student residents, while repairing the street with a humanist approach to architecture.

Embrace community living
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The building aims to repair the street with a humanist approach to the new podium that respects adjoining heritage buildings whilst providing a green buffer and glimpses into the student experience within the building through an active frontage.


609 Wellington seeks to provide an exemplary purpose built student accommodation project grounded in a deep understanding of the existing urban, heritage and cultural context. The design seeks to re imagine urban student living by placing a curated emphasis on safety, community and innovation, woven into a pastoral care operational model.


Seeking to promote an approach to purpose-built student accommodation that is equally generous to the city and its residents. It aims to be a place that enhances social well-being through an innovative approach to designing communal spaces for a dynamic urban setting in Perth.

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