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The Rothelowman Professional Collective | Meet Carol


With a passion for embracing challenges and seeking innovative solutions, Carol’s willingness to learn and ability to effectively embed feedback into design processes makes her an integral member of the Rothelowman team. 

Carol regards her family full of architects and her Egyptian heritage as being fundamental to her fascination with architecture. From a young age, she has considered the ways that place and culture impact the built environment and how people experience and interact with buildings and spaces differently around the world.

Embedding a passion for creativity in all that she does, Carol is constantly seeking ways to solve complex problems while considering how people interact with the space, function, and even the aesthetics of a building. Working from our Perth studio, she has also learned the importance of technical skills, drawing, and refinement to ensure a client-centric approach is injected into all stages of the design process.

Carol joined the Perth studio at a pivotal time for the firm and was part of Rothelowman’s merger with Fratelle. She shares, “A massive highlight of my last year at Rothelowman would be the merger of our WA office. Having moved from a small architecture practice, to Fratelle, which then merged with Rothelowman, I was extremely excited by the prospect of working on a wide range of larger-scale projects, which did happen.”

“Throughout this past year, I have been extremely grateful for the opportunities to have worked on a wide variety of projects through many different stages. Having the support from not just our Perth office, but the national team has been a great benefit. Being able to constantly access this wide bank of knowledge and experience and being able to learn from our national team is a testament to the continued learning that Rohelowman offers.”

Carol’s eagerness for constant learning, embracing challenges and problem-solving is something Rothelowman is incredibly excited to watch evolve in the months and years to come.