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Apartment Architecture | Prioritising occupant experience


The approach to apartment architecture has been evolving over time to prioritise the human experience and deliver not just a place to sleep at night, but an environment where individuals flourish and develop a genuine sense of home.

Successful multi-residential developments will always have a strong amenity-driven approach that prioritises human experience and intensifies the notion of ‘feeling at home’. This approach to design offers residents a series of spaces for gathering and chance encounters, bolstering their sense of community.

In the case of Sekisui House’s Aire, generous communal outdoor spaces and a rooftop infinity pool have been included to attract and retain its anticipated residents. Located within The Orchards development, residents are able to enjoy rooftop dining in the company of friends and neighbours while taking in the golf course views.

At Rothelowman, we design places with character and purpose that recogonise the importance of human connection, community and social value.

Architecture and Interiors by Rothelowman
Developed by Sekisui House
Construction by growthbuilt
Photography by Peter Bennetts